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"It's about

nurturing a lifelong love for music"

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Step into The Music Lab, and you'll instantly feel the vibrant atmosphere. It's a world bursting with colors and playful decor, designed to set the stage for creativity.


Our studio is equipped with an array of musical tools, from keyboards to hand percussion and ukuleles, encouraging students (and teachers!) to make music together.

Lessons for creative musicians of all ages


Hey music makers and lovers, I'm Bailey


Musician, educator and administrator behind The Music Lab dream!

My formal education took me through the hallowed halls of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the University of Victoria, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Music. But my true adventures in music extended beyond the classroom.

I've been on tour twice, crisscrossing the map with the Victoria Composers Collective and co-founding the vibrant Trio Taco. These experiences not only enriched my musical palette but also instilled in me the importance of sharing the beauty of music with others.

It all began with a dream to create a space where music wasn't just learned; it was experienced. I set out to share my passion for exploring the creative side of music with the next generation of musicians. At The Music Lab, we dance to the beat of a different drum. It's not just about technical perfection here; it's about nurturing a lifelong love for music. I believe in tailoring lessons to each student's unique needs and interests. We explore genres, from the smooth rhythms of jazz to the spontaneous art of improvisation. Alongside, we weave in fun games and delve into the mysteries of music theory. It's all about embracing the joy of music-making.

Making Music Playful

We've also brought music into the digital age with recording and mixing equipment. Here, you can not only play music but also record and produce your very own melodies, right in our studio.

My vision for The Music Lab extends far beyond today. I dream of evolving our programming to support students of all ages as they become musical leaders in our community. This will be a place where emerging musicians and teachers find mentorship and space to thrive, ensuring our music community remains vibrant and dynamic. A space where students can fall in love with music no matter what level they decide to pursue. 

If you're going to trust me with your musical journey you probably want to know the important things!

Favourite Food
Current Hobbies


Woodworking, hiking and knitting

Kamloops, BC

I've Lived Abroad
Craziest Experience

hiking the North Coast Trail

for 9 months in Germany

Fav Drink

Iced Chai Tea Latte with Oat Milk

Whether you're a budding virtuoso, a seasoned pro, or simply someone curious about the world of music, The Music Lab opens its doors to you. With individual lessons, vibrant group sessions like Flute Choir and Music for Littles, and a deep commitment to nurturing creativity, lets make music together!

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