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Little Flutes

Grades Kindergarten - Grade 1

Day: TBA

Time: TBA

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Little Flutes is a music program that incorporates games, fun activities and movement into group classes. It helps young students engage with music in an environment where they learn best: with lots of fun and play! Curriculum developed by professional musicians and educators. Designed for 


Blending a variety of teaching philosophies ensures that your child is getting a music education specialized for their individual needs. 


  • Classes concentrate on the flute but are also full of music activities with movement, games, and listening exercises

  • Group classes for Winter/Spring 2022 will be kept to a maximum of 4 students

  • This Kinderflute program is designed for children in Kindergarten to Grade 3


  • to provide flute and music activities and games that engage students in an ideal learning environment  

  • children begin to participate in ensembles that help solidify the concepts of cooperation, tuning, listening, musicianship, leadership and the ability to follow. Cooperative activities are important for later success in music. 

Inspired by a mixture of teaching philosophies including Kinderflute, Kodály and FlutePlay, this class is designed to keep the most energetic kids engaged and loving music.

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